Barcode Printers 

Printed Lab Labels improve accuracy, sample tracking and patient safety

Laboratories that identify their slides, vials and test tubes with handwritten lab labels often have to deal with smeared ink, misread patient information, and repetitive errors. Pen, pencil and even permanent markers are not guaranteed to withstand tissue processing protocols, putting the patient security at risk.

With Brady’s printed lab labels, the ink, materials and adhesives have been proven to withstand tissue processing and long term storage. The text always appears clear and legible, and more information can be included on each label for easy sample tracking.




Compare Handwritten Lab Labels to Brady Printed Lab Labels

Handwritten Lab Labels:

  • Handwritten information is difficult to read
  • Ink smears easily when handled
  • Limited area to write on
  • Time-consuming process
  • Ink fades during long term storage
  • Chemicals and solvents wash away ink

Printed Lab Labels:

  • Ink won't smear or fade
  • Crisp, clear, readable text
  • More information fits on label
  • Quick and easy label printing and design (auto serialize)
  • Increased legibility/durability
  • Chemical and solvent-resistant