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Planer PLC 

Specializing in the control of temperature and other parameters Planner help customers achieve their scientific breakthroughs in biology, medicine and industry. Over the last thirty five years they have also assisted them in managing processes, records and data.  Their customers are People who depend on the viability of their stored samples using  freezers, incubators and software products. There are users of Planer software and temperature equipment in most developed countries of the world - from Australia, Azerbaijan and Austria through China, Croatia and Cyprus, India, Italy, Japan, Rwanda, Russia, Singapore to the USA, Turkey and Zambia.  

 Planer distribute in following areas to find out who through please click on this link http://www.planer.com/distributors.html

United kingdom 

Triple red 

We at Triple Red supply, service and maintain laboratory equipment. The company philosophy is one of customer service, whether it be next day delivery for consumables, specialist help for any of the products or comprehensive service packages for all the equipment. Or dedicated team of engineers are available 24/7 depending on your contract. Our specialist UK call center team can help to diagnose issues.