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FREE iPad offer you avoided looking at an electronic tracking system due to a lack of space in your Freezer room?

Now we can provide a truly portable system, meaning you don't have to move your samples far from the freezer. You or your colleagues can then return to your desktop computer to look through the samples you have edited

Increased portability with our iPad solution allows you to work where space is limited, performing all functions your familiar with from our PC based version of  Pro-curo, including editing samples and moving their locations. All changes you make still create the invaluable history audit trail and are seamlessly synchronised with the central database to allow you and/or your colleagues to simultaneously make changes at any location with any device.

We are offering a free iPad to all existing customers who upgrade to our Pro-curo Enterprise Unlimited version

Don’t have Pro-curo yet? Don’t worry we have similar offers for new customers.




 Pro-curo Software Ltd On-line store

Pro-curo Standard Lite (Access)

£ 964.00 


The Lite verison of the popular Pro-curo software is suitable for small labs looking for a 1 PC solution for tracking a freezer of samples. Click our logo to find out more information on Pro-curo Lite.


Pro-curo Pro 5 User Network (Access) inc 1YR SLA

£ 2987.00 


This mid level verison of Pro-curo is suitable for small or medium sized labs looking for an Access based solution for tracking samples. You can have a maximum of 5 users. Click our logo to find out more information on Pro-curo Professional.