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Pro-curo is the perfect software to create and manage a complete auditable system. Using integrated label design and printing functions unique barcodes are generated which can then be used within a powerful barcode run transaction system.

The power of Pro-curo can be seen right from the first screen, using a popular and familiar Microsoft explorer interface,your storage locations whatever they may be (designed for freezers, liquid nitrogen vessels and even cupboards to name just a few) can be seen on the left of the screen. As you click through these locations, in much the same way you would move through your PC’s file system, samples contained within that location are displayed on the right of the screen.

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Product Range 

Our sample tracking software Pro-curo  is suitable for small, medium or large labs looking for a SQL based solution for tracking samples. You can have from 1PC  to unlimited PC licences. find out more information click on our logo.

Integrated Devices 

There is a whole range of devices that will integrate seamlessly with Pro-curo. From barcode readers (PDA's, handheld gun scanners, flat bed scanners), printers (labels, reports) to tablets/mobile phones, all helping you with identifying your samples. Click the PDA to find out more information on these.


We understand that regulation drives how everyone works in their labs, this is why we work closely with the authorities to make sure we can provide you with a system that will enable you to be compliant with these regulations. Click the HTA logo for an overview.

The need for increased sample traceability and identification is not a new thing. In the past few years much more emphasis is being placed on this particularly within life science research utilising human material.  

The European Tissue Directive came into force in 2006 and this created a requirement to know exactly what samples you have, where they are and who they came from. In particular the issue of managing ethical consent is a major scientific requirement for anyone wishing to use human material within their research.

In addition to these directives the need for well organised data and samples fits within the remit of Good Laboratory Practices GLP, which all researchers should be aspiring too. After all what good is a sample if you do not know what it is and/or where it has been. Pro-curo is a sample management system that addresses these issues, it has never been more important to have a traceable sample storage system.

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Key features

  • Fully FDA CFR 21 part 11 Compliant software.
  • Multilevel security control.
    128bit database encryption algorithm.
  • Powerful multilevel location structure.
  • Split samples at the click of a button.
  • Book in and book out functions.
  • Track samples from multiple research projects.
  • Automatic printing of data matrix bar codes. 
    • Powerful search functions.
    • Complete history of every transaction for traceability.
    • Customisable user fields.
    • Supports 2D barcoding and RFID identification systems
    • Portable application for Pocket PC or Win CE device.
    • Compatible with iPad 1,2 3rd generation and android based tablet.