At Pro-curo Software Ltd our ethos has always been about putting supporting our customers first and our future development plans have always been centered around what our customers have asked for and how they need the system to work in the future.

In the past we had multiple levels of software giving customers an entry level software that can be upgraded to a more complex system. Our recent worldwide partnership with Planer Plc has exposed our software to a much larger customer base and after plenty of customer feedback we believe it’s time to shake it up a little. 

 We are launching a new way of selling which firmly puts our customer and their needs first. We firmly believe that with our “off the shelf” product we have managed to balance ease of use with a feature rich set of options. To build on this we have revised our software versions and pricing structure to make it even easier to find the right sample tracking software for your lab.

 We will now provide one software package with all the features that we previously had with our Enterprise package, including features such as our grid view, multiple projects, simple label designer, and many more. This opens up our full featured package to smaller labs without the added cost. This change also affects the licensing and the software will now be available in 1, 3, 5 and Unlimited PC licence options. We will also offer upgrades to any of the options or you can purchase an extra 1PC licence at any time.

 The one area we believe we excel in is the help-desk services offered by means of support contracts. It's not just telephone support though our onsite engineers can visit for training and technical issues (UK only) or we can use remote desktop software to gain an in depth look at the issue your facing immediately. This is not changing and we will continue to provide our first class support wherever you are in the world on a 24/7 basis.

 We believe in not just providing you with software to track your samples but to support you in looking after your samples, making sure that you receive the full benefits of using our software.

 For more details on how we can help your lab become more efficient with sample tracking please visit our website or contact our sales team at